Monday, 13 January 2014

Level Up! contest update and more

Hello 2014! I know, its already been going for 13 days but this is of course the first blog post of 2014. I have now returned from a most excellent visit to Japan and am now spending some time attempting to defeat my jetlag..

Level-Up! Contest - Update

Just a reminder that the deadline for the contest is drawing near! If you need a reminder for the rules then please click here. I have 1 entry in so far out of around 20 so keep those WIPs coming :) I have decided that the top prize for the winner will be the awesome Kotobukiya Jehuty HD edition . Second prize will be announced later!

The Japan trip

The trip itself was fantastic. This is the 4th time I have been, but my first being a Gundam fan since it was my previous trip in 2011 that get me into Gunpla, and the world of Mecha. I was incredibly happy to see the 1/1 Gundam at the Gundam Front exhibition in Odaiba, and took great pleasure in perusing last years GBWC entries and witness the most epic 3d dome-projected Gundam movie. The other exhibits were awesome too of course, a day I will not forget for sure. A short video of my trip is here:

Picked up a total of 10 kits, inclusive of the huuuuuge MG EX-S and found a great way to compact them all into my luggage - just cut all the parts off the runners, stuck them in baggies and flattened the boxes. Managed to fit them all into 1 suitcase! (bar the ex-s, I did not really have the time to cut ALL those runners!). Most of them were purchased at a local hobby store, which mainly specialised in RC but had a fantastically huge selection of Gunpla, mecha and modelling parts on offer - cheaper (surprisingly) than Akihabara.

I also did an awful lot of eating since I am a massive fan of Japanese food. We also took a trip to the Anpanman museum in Yokohama for my 4-year old who had great fun. We also had great fun at a restaurant designed for babies where the tables were wooden round discs on a huge padded floor which was an entirely new experience for me.. :) Ibuki made some great baby friends and the meal was packed full of cuteness. The rest of the time was spent getting over a cold, visiting naighbours and well... shopping. Miss it already and already looking forward to our next visit. One thing is for sure though.. not going in December again as it was freeeeeezing!

What's coming next modelling wise and more..  

Still working on the Victory MG, close to completion with only a few parts to be painted and some panel lining/decalling and assembly to go. Next will be.... announced later. I will also be giving some thought to Justinius Builds new contest where he has thrown down a challenge to create a kit bash! 

There will also be a new year Google Hangout with the venerable Gunpla Fixation and guests coming soon. Stay tuned to the GundamUK facebook page to find out when!