Saturday, 7 September 2013

An update for September

The contest has kicked off pretty well, I have 5 very promising entries so far and really looking forward to seeing what these guys can do. If you would like to be acquainted with the post containing information on how you can enter my "level-up!" contest can be found by clicking right here. Said promised video will be making an appearance very soon.

Some may have seen I also completed the superb real grade GP-01fb, which now takes pride of place right here next to my monitor and will be subject to a paint job at a later date. A vid of this here:

Special thanks again to Japan:Cool for introducing me to this amazing range of Bandai models, and for the great success of their recent give-away on the Mecha Lounge where they generously gave away a very cool MG Jesta, and 2 £25 vouchers to two random lucky bastards winners.

I also received my second-place prize from the Justinius Builds competition which was a Real Grade Zaku 2, with a few unexpected extra bits I and the nipper were very pleased to receive - a video of the un-boxing along with my farty sidekick JK coming shortly.

Fresh in the mail this morning from I received my first ever resin kit the form of a 1/6 scale figure of my favourite Zeta Gundam character Quattro Bajeena in all his 1980's glory:

Handsome I think you will agree. Man crush I have. Yoda style writing I do not know why I am writing.

Still in progress is the mighty FAZZ Master Grade, nearing completion of the main gun and adding some details this weekend. I may (may) start a little HG project in between, undecided at the mo. 

Thanks for reading, more soon :)