Sunday, 10 February 2013

HG Gadessa - WIP#2

I was aiming to conclude this model this weekend but as fate has it, I ran into a little bit of a problem...

The 3 "prongs" that attach to the main weapon were all painted up in gunmetal, with a coating of clear black (as I felt most of the gunmetal parts, after priming were a little too light) were masked so I could paint the inner "rail" yellow. Unfortunately  I masked way too early and did not allow enough time for the acrylic to fully cure.. as a result, after painting the mask the paint peeled off along with the masking tape, leaving a patchy, horrid finish. Needed to all be stripped off, and started again.

Anyway, I decided to dunk all 3 parts into lacquer thinner - massive mistake . after a few mins an icky, sticky ness appeared, and as I wiped off the excess it was very apparent that the plastic has melted real bad..

As you will see in the following vid, I had to scratch build the prongs all over again...

Apart from that, the main model is looking good. The panel lining turned out good, if a little dirty and some finer details have been added. Now all it needs is a gloss coat, and its more or less done.

Completion hopefully next week, I just need to figure out a mechanism to attach the prongs to the main body of the weapon.. I don;t think I am doing too bad considering its my first ever time I have had to scratch build parts!

A video of this weekends exploits right here: