Sunday, 27 January 2013

Geara Zulu Angelo Sauper use - WIP 1

Hello strangers! Yes, Its been a little while, but i have been working on the Gera Zulu Angelo Super use. As you can see form the below, I have primed, base coated and in some cases highlighted, quite a bit to go though. 

The purple parts turned out a little strange, in mixing up a supposed "lighter" shade of purple to highlight with,  it somehow turned out darker, resulting on a quite bizarre 2-tone purple effect. The alclad turned out marvellous as it always does, and the blue on the shoulder pad parts and waist armour turned out pretty nifty too. My only drawback is the royal blue I was using for the torso and feet turned out no so royal blue.. more just blue in fact and not all that different from the normal blue I used for the shoulder armour.. perhaps I will highlight, not sure yet. Gunmetal and masking the weapons, as well as that tricky trim all to be done next weekend. 

Anyways, that's all from me. More soon. :)