Sunday, 30 June 2013

Justinius Builds - Music Theme Contest - My Entry

I finally completed the 1/144 HG Jesta "boards of canada" custom, did not take that long and managed to squeeze in a few bouts of painting and detailing in between preparing for our new arrival in a weeks time :)

A few things learned from this - Do not use black to preshade bright colours, especially yellows.. it took 3 coats of yellow resulting in a little thickness to the coat to cover the shading effectively - up close it's still looking a little mottled but overall it fits in OK. I remember reading some advice from fellow youtuber jiminboo on a comment on another video saying you should never use black - serves me right for not paying attention!

Here is the video for the entry, of course you can view all the pictures on the GundamUK site (Which I might add, the site revamp is now almost 90% completed, more news on this later).

Stay tuned for some more blog entries soon, my next project is going to be BIG.