Sunday, 4 November 2012

Frame Arms: Ryurai Kai first impressions

Throughout the week I have been doing the usual cutting/sanding, getting the most laborious task out of the way in preparation for assembly this weekend. 

Now it is complete, I can summarise it as a pretty enjoyable build, with a few flaws and some cool extras. Lets start with the problems. The frame itself. Its loose and flimsy. It may be just my copy, but I had to unfortunately glue it in some places otherwise the legs would be coming off by a gentle breeze. Some parts were a little tough to fit, while other parts snapped on a little weirdly and sat at odd angles (the plates of additional armour on the front of the legs a prime example). 

Model 38 Type 1 Ryurai Kai Frame Arms

Now for the good stuff. It looks amazing. To my surprise it came with some alternative armour parts I was not expecting. This way, you can wither make it the mean-looking, heavily armoured artillery type or the more streamlined, infantry type. The benefit to this of course is that I can paint all the parts, and effectively get two models out of it! 

Will I get another one? Well, maybe. On looks alone it's totally up my street. On build, I enjoinder it but when parts started to drop off with no effort at all I could not help feeling disappointed  In balance though, it gets a thumbs up for sure. Coming up next time, let' see how well it paints :) 

Here's a vid of the assembly: